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 No website? 
if you or your company, shop, restaurant or organisation does not have a website, you can order one for only kwa 125,000 without extra costs (no monthly/annual fees)! just mail the webmaster.
262818 mei 2018 om 08:58
 For sale / for rent / wanted 
small advertisements made by you. to go in this section click on the above:"for sale/for rent/wanted" and click on "nieuw onderwerp" to add your ad. to read an ad first click on the ad.
4811314 september 2018 om 15:23
 Questions and answers 
to go in this forum click on the above :"questions and answers" and click on "nieuw onderwerp" to ask your new question or for answering first click on the question and then on "nieuw bericht".
141518 mei 2018 om 09:00
to announce your event, click on the above:"events-calendar" ,click on the month and make your announcement in the sequence: when, where, what, costs, contact, by clicking on "nieuw onderwerp".
121218 mei 2018 om 09:01
the sections "for sale/for rent/wanted" and "events-calendar" will appear in the monthly newsletter.
101018 mei 2018 om 09:04
 Sign the guestbook 
leave your message by clicking on the above: "sign the guestbook". then click on "nieuw onderwerp".
9918 mei 2018 om 09:06
 Ster kinekor 
click on the above:"ster kinekor" to find the playlist of Ster Kinekor, Arcades.
1126 maart 2004 om 08:17
explain your view / vote
111318 mei 2018 om 09:06
 Trip reports 
here you can drop your trip report from or within zambia. if you have an own website with this trip report just use the mailform on the main page.
91018 mei 2018 om 09:07

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