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To contribute to safe guarding and promoting the culture heritage of Zambia

Insukamini Cultural Kraal was formed in August 1999 and is a group of 15 disciplined and well organised people. The group compromises of all ages from the young to the old.
The elders are our backbone in directing activities and giving the right teachings in culture and traditional norms.


Insukamini Cultural Kraal as a custodian and culture promotion group has a mandate to promote, educate, inherit and defend the principal right of cultural dance and traditions in Zambia.
The values, ideas, beliefs and any attributes of all concerned citizens of Zambiain culture preservation as a rich culture heritage.

We perform all types of dances for all occasions across Zambia.
The following are some of the dances:
  • Isigomane, Kapoya

  • Chingande, Siyomboka

  • Ingoma, Chioda

  • Kawale, Kalyaba

  • Nyakasanga, Mutyatya

  • Chiyanda, Chidiwiti

  • Kuomboka Dance

  • Ndendeule

  • Moye dance

  • Ö and many more

  • We are also into theatre and sensitization campaigns on HIV/AIDS, sharing and counselling in local languages.

    We perform at the following functions:
  • At wedding ceremonies

  • At hotels, restaurants, house parties also during Zambian dish parties and Zambian nights

  • During Vimpeko (Matebeto)

  • At Míngenitso parties and at any Government function

  • I you want to book us you can contact us:
    00 260 97 85 85 46 or
    00 260 95 77 40 81 or
    email: abengunikwazulu at

    Book us to enjoy our hospitality in Insukamini Cultural Kraal!!

    Mínyaiza Oliver Zulu
    Group Director

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